Area Manager v Franchise Owner

Time For You aims to offer the best business opportunities to the best people. Over time, we have found that the best people are not always in the position to take advantage of all business opportunities. Therefore, we have 2 pathways to becoming a Time For You operator. Pathway 1 - Area Manager or Pathway 2  - Franchise Owner.

What is Time For You's definition of the 'Best People'

Attributes we ignore

  • The wealthy, arrogant or the people that feel they are above others
  • The smartest or the most highly educated
  • The best technically or the people that think they are superior
  • The greatest computer operators or the technology geek
  • The worlds best marketers who drive around in flashy cars

Skills and Attributes we admire and encourage

  • Motivation and drive - An infectious attitude is contagious
  • A ​love for customer service and helping people solve a challenge in their life
  • A good understanding of technology and using them in a business context (email, producing document and spreadsheets, managing computer records)
  • A love for communication with people (telephone manner, ability to communicate via written communication or actively participate in group discussions)
  • A willingness to learn and try new things (outside the box thinking)
  • Strong desire to follow a defined process and system

The difference - Area Manager v Franchise Owner

Pathway 1 - Area Manager

We see an Area Manager being a stepping stone approach to becoming a Franchise Owner.

Key Points

    1. Operate an exclusive close to your home
    2. Share in the income that is generated
    3. Fully trained and supported by a Time For You Franchise Owner to help you succeed
Pathway 2 - Franchise Owner

The peak level as a business owner within the Time For You system.

Key Points

    1. Own and operate an exclusive close to your home
    2. Manager the business and resources to your advantage - You keep the profits
    3. Fully trained and supported by Time For You

Benefits of becoming an Area Manager

Imagine your are looking for your next opportunity in life. A few ideas have grabbed your attention, but life has left you in a position where opportunities are limited.

    • No money
    • Can't get the required resources to start a business
    • Lacking confidence

Our area manager opportunity eliminates all these concerns. We help you start at $0 cost.

As an area manager, you can.

    • Share in the income that is generated by your efforts
    • Operate an area close to your home (if available)
    • Understand the Time For You system and build a future
    • Work towards becoming a Franchise Owner

We will work with you and your family commitments to help you build a new and exciting future for yourself. Imagine building a business and a new life (with support) without the risk of a normal business start-up.

No start-up costs - just inject your time and energy into our plan and business model

Operate an exclusive area close to home

Work towards becoming a future Franchise Owner

Let us help you create something from nothing

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Get Focus

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Growth and Opportunity

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Benefits of becoming a Franchise Owner

A person that is looking to own and operate a Time For You Franchise looks for a few key requirements in a business.

    • Ability to grow the business over time
    • Support and training when required
    • A solid business system that works
    • Ability to balance work and family life

Our franchise owner opportunity helps you reduce some of the work related stress in your life.

As a Franchise Owner, you can.

    • Keep the profits for yourself - Keep the income that is generated by your efforts
    • Own and operate an area close to your home (if available)
    • Build a residual based income and maximise your income from your past efforts
    • Work towards more holidays with the family instead of more hours in the office.

Open up your professional life to a new focus where family is more important than business. Think differently. Generate income from helping others, not by selling a product.

Start-up Fees - Pay the up-front business related costs and start the journey

Own and operate an exclusive area close to home

Work towards more family holidays instead of more working hours

Build a residual based income and maximise your efforts

Not sure? Area Manager or Franchise Owner

In our minds, the key points to place at the front of mind is what your goals are and what resources you have to achieve those goals. If you like the Time For You business opportunity but lack the money and business resources to start, we strongly recommend you consider starting as an Area Manager. Remember, we are after the best people and we are willing to support you in achieving this outcome.

As an Area Manager, you will operate your area with the same tools and resources as a Franchise Owner. There are legal differences between to 2 pathways, but their is nothing to cause you great stress.

The best way to see if this opportunity is for you is by completing our enquiry form and arranging a chat with us. We encourage you to take the first steps to make more Time For You.