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Imagine owning your own domestic cleaning business, earning a good income and never doing any cleaning yourself!  You can work from home at times that suit you, your children, your lifestyle and your other commitments.

AT LAST! A real business that can work for you that you can really be proud to say you own.

Structuring your life around a Time For You business is simple. You create the demand, the schedule and the time you work. The Time For You business model is flexible that can grows as quickly as you require.

Work smart not hard with Time For You

Work Smart Not Hard

Apparently businesses that allow you to work smart and not hard do not exist. We let me stop you there! Time For You is a business that allows you to work smarter. Our conventional business methods allow you to build that dream business you have always been looking for.

Finally a business model to help you work around you families commitments

More time with family

Work to live, not live to work. A Time For You business allows you to structure the working week to what suits you. Eliminate the duplicate calendar schedules because of someone else's timelines.

Our Main Business Components

Get paid upfront and in advance with Time For You Australia

Clients pay in advance

Image running a business where the client pays you in advance. On top of that they pay you an on-going payment for the life of their agreement.

 !! No cash flow concerns !!
residual income from your activities - Time For You Australia

Build a residual income

A business that produces residual income without the need of a high asset base.

Never do the cleaning yourself - Time For You Australia

Never do the cleaning yourself

Own and operate a cleaning business and never do the cleaning yourself.

Work Life Balance with Time For You Australia

True Work / Life Balance

A simple business to operate. You structure the workload around your family requirements, not structure your life around work.

No experience necessary - Time For You Australia

No experience needed

We provide full training and support for all Time For You operators. All we ask of you is that you have some good computer based skills.

"Can you really earn a residual income where clients pay you in advance?"

Simple Administration

Most administration tasks are simple to complete and cloud based.

No Stock or Inventory

No stock to order or keep track of. No storage facilities required.

No Staff

No wages, No Superannuation 

Payments, No Staff Tax Payments

Work From Home

No more commuting

No time wasted

More Time For You


Allows you to organise your
life around the business.


We help you with marketing so
your business can get the best start.


Simple Technology that is
up-to-date and easy to use.

Available Business Options

Time For You has two (2) business options currently available. Our business options are designed to help everyone succeed. Success in business is important, the why we have structured each option to meet your current situation in life.

Ultimately, success in business comes from dedication, process and perseverance. The Time For You business model is designed to get the best out of all our business partners. By following our business system, you can make your dreams possible.

Become a Franchisee

  • Manage you own Territory
  • Define your own destiny
  • You keep 100% of your profit
  • Payment terms available

Become an Area Manager

  • Manage a Territory alongside an existing Franchisee
  • Share in the income that is generated
  • Work towards becoming a Franchisee 

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